July 23, 2014

Cloud Computing Affiliate and Partner Programs

Did you know you can make money be referring people to a Cloud Computing company. Commission programs are all the rage and plenty of people have made a good living by simply acting as a middle man. You can land a nice commission payment simply by sending referrals over and letting the company do the sales work. In many cases you can just add the affiliate ad or banner art. Read a little bit about the major Cloud Computing Affiliate and Partner Programs out there on the web.


Box.net Referral Program

box referralWith the Box.net referral program you can earn a commission for every account you refer. Box wants you to qualify the leads beforehand then send them over so that Box sales reps. can close the deal. They have made a huge resource section available in order to help you find and land those leads. The comission you make off the Box.net referral program is based on the amount that Box Sales Reps close on a year contract. So if the person you refers signs a year contract costing $1000, you make a percentage of that. Unfortunately Box does not publish their rates as you probably have to go through the sign up process. Read my Box.net Referral Program review here


Mozy Online Affiliate Program

mozy logoYou can make a “significant percentage” on every person you refer with the Mozy Online Affiliate Program. Its all seems to easy. You simply apply, ah but the application is quite thorough. Mozy wants to know all about you website. They want to know the URL where the affiliate links will preside, the amount of unique visitors per month, if you have a newsletter and how many subscribers, and so on. This may seem like overkill but Mozy only accepts top quality websites into their affiliate program. Mozy affiliate rates are not publishedRead my Mozy Online Affiliate review here

SugarSync Affiliate Program

sugarsync affiliate programThe SugarSync Affiliate Program is simply awesome. They publish the affiliate commission rate online for all to see. You can make up to 40% referral commission which starts at $20 in your pocket is someone signs up for the lowest package. Payment commission rates increase with the size of the package the user buys. SugarSync offers all kinds of great artwork for their banners and ad units. And the landing pages at the SugarSync website are highly optimized and convert alot meaning money in your pocket. There is a 90 day cookie so even if the referral does not sign up right away, you could maybe land that commission is they change their mind down the road. See my SugarSync Affiliate Program review here

SpiderOak Partnership Program

spideroak logoThe SpiderOak commission program offers you either 25% or 50% rates. They only have 2 packages a free 2 GB account and a 100 GB paid account. Those referral’s who sign up for the yearly rate pay their money upfront for the year and you get a $25 commission. Those who opt to pay $10 per month will net you $5 in commission payments. So either way to get money. Oh and if the referral only opts for the 2 GB free account, you still make $0.25 on that user. So even referring a ton of people who only sign up for the free package can net you some serious dough. Check out my SpiderOak Partnership Program Review here

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