July 29, 2014

Best Blackberry Cloud Backup App

backberry cloud appBlackBerry synchronization is necessary so that if something happens to your smartphone, you can recover the data. The Best Blackberry Cloud Backup App should be a service that allows businesses of all sizes to benefit from wireless synchronization that provides You share without having to invest the money needed to purchase the server, software and maintenance costs that involves the daily management of the server internally. This new service is cheaper, requires less expertise and less time and is therefore an ideal solution for businesses.

BlackBerry Exchange

Full integration with Outlook / Exchange. No USB cable, sync your Outlook emails, calendar, notes, tasks, and see your contacts on your Blackberry.Instant activation. Hosting Blackberry can be added as an option to your Exchange account in minutes.Encrypted security technology that secures all your transfers.Increased efficiency and productivity.

Blackberry Hosting

Complete integration with Outlook / ExchangeWirelessly sync your emails, calendars, notes, tasks and Outlook contacts with your BlackBerry Instant Activation, Encryption technologyAnti-spam/Anti-virus included.

Easy setup and instant

The activation blackberry cloud app  is very simple: When you buy the option to sync with BlackBerry Youshare, you will receive an activation password for your device. Once the password is entered, the connection is established between your device and the BlackBerry Enterprise Server. That’s it! The configuration has a single step.

BlackBerry Desktop Manager

blackberry backup softwareBlackBerry Desktop Manager is a tool designed for Smartphones Blackberry, you can customize synchronization and configuration between the BlackBerry smartphone and your PC. This is an application that installs on your desktop PC. It allows the management of the link between the BlackBerry and email account. BlackBerry Desktop integrates a filtering engine designed to control the messaging. It is then possible to limit the number of messages that can be received. BlackBerry Desktop provides the ability to synchronize data such as contacts, tasks, appointments and e-mails between the BlackBerry smartphone and desktop PC . Application loading is feasible, with BlackBerry Desktop, which allows storing and deleting e-mails from the smartphone. It is possible to have backup copies of mission critical information from the BlackBerry smartphone to the desktop. The e-mails on the BlackBerry smartphone may include an automatic signature.


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