July 31, 2014

Best Android Cloud Backup Service

google drive backup serviceGoogle Drive is ready to invade the space of Dropbox. Google has recently launched a competing Android Backup service to Dropbox. Google Drive will most likely be the best choice and is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android and iOS and offer 5GB of free storage space. This is the perfect Android Cloud Backup system. The War of the Cloud Android apps is just beginning. This will be a Web interface, complete with applications for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS, the site provides The Next Web has had access to internal documents shared with any partner of the launch. Based at drive.google.com , the service will offer 5GB of free disk space or more than 3 GB of Dropbox. More space will be available at prices not known at present but you can bet that Google Drive will be the best Android Cloud backup on the market.

google cloud backupNote that Dropbox offers often much more space to its users: 500 MB for each referral, and 5 GB more for users of HTC smartphones. Such associations may also be selected by Google. Techcrunch , which has been directly tested the Google Drive Mac version, note that it natively supports and seamlessly integrates office documents formats to Google (or Google Docs created by gdraw example). It will also require a Google Account to link up to your android phone.

Google Drive will be a serious competitor for Dropbox who is currently the best Android Backup Serive on the market. While the hard disk specialist in cloud has successfully established itself among the multitude of startups who tried his luck, he begins to have to deal with the wholesale sector.

Current android mobile backup services include icloud at Apple , SkyDrive from Microsoft , Amazon Cloud Drive , Hubic for OVH, and therefore probably Google Drive next week. But the technologies used by these services and their integration into various devices are not equal, and only Dropbox icloud and really have so far managed to get their game to users.

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