July 24, 2014

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An Overview of Cloud Backup Services

In present scenario, the data related to business activities are of great importance. Any data loss may lead to disastrous loss in the business. This scenario is also applicable to other fields dealing with data or information. For example, suppose a photographer stores his/her photographs in a computer and the computer crashes. In such situation, if he/she would have maintained a backup for the lost data then it can be recovered easily. Cloud backup services provide the medium for storing such important data or information on the web. Cloud backup services allow people to restore their important data which may be lost in an unexpected incident. Most of the businesses and even individuals prefer to use these backup services to keep an alternative storage in case their system crashes or the documents get corrupted. The use of cloud backup services is advantageous in many respects.

Cloud backup services always offer high reliability and dependability. Cloud sources employ various technologies such as disk-based backup, encryption, application-specific protection, synchronization, data compression and several other types of security for the data which reside on their servers. In addition to these features, cloud backup services are easily affordable. Most of these servers charge on a monthly basis. Before choosing a cloud backup service, it is advised to do necessary enquiry on data management and security issues because they are the prime reasons behind taking the backup service.

The first backup at the beginning is called as seeding. Seeding is another area of concern that needs to be considered while selecting a cloud backup service. If the data associated with a company amounts to 100s of gigabytes then the seeding may happen for month via internet. Hence, large companies should look for those cloud backup services that offer seeding options or flexible seeding policies. It is also important to look at the method of data restore. Some cloud backup companies transport the restore data via DVDs on some additional charges Hence, they save the long downloading time elapsed while restoring the data from the server. However, some disadvantages are also associated with these online backup methods.

The major disadvantage of cloud backup services is that they require high bandwidth of the internet. Another disadvantage is the concern about the third party server. If the third party server moves out of the business then the retrieval of data becomes a tough task. The servers charge flat rates on monthly basis, no matter how much data is stored.

Furthermore, these backup services are classified into two types namely: home cloud backup services and professional cloud backup services. The data contained in the computers of homes or small scale businesses can be stored using home cloud backup services. The professional cloud backup services can handle the data from large scale business organizations. Hence, cloud backup services provide the effective ways to plan for the unexpected and undesirable data loss and keep the important data secured. This online storage method makes it convenient to search, retrieve, transfer and manage data.